Our Main Services

Walk-In Clinic

The following services are provided to our Walk-In patients by the Walk-In physician at the physician’s discretion. The Walk-In is to be used for Acute Care, meaning you have a medical concern that needs to be seen in a timely manner and you are unable to see you own Family Physician for help.

  • First come first serve basis (Emergencies will be triaged and put in Urgently)
  • WCB (Work related Injury) and ICBC (Motor Vehicle Accident) Claims
  • Medication Therapy and Refills (Medication Refills will not be done over the phone)
  • Diagnostic Investigation (for Urgent Medical concerns only)
  • Referrals (for Urgent Medical concerns only)
  • Minor Treatment (Wart, Ear Syrings, Removal of Foreign Body)
  • Minor Surgeries (for Urgent Medical concerns only)
  • Wound Care (Cleaning, Packing, Dressing Changes, Removal of Sutures)
  • Injury Care (RICE, Tensoring, Splinting, Sling)
  • Adult Immunization (Tetanus/Diphtheria, Pneumonia, Flu, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis A&B)

We Do Not provide Test Results over the phone
We Do Not provide Narcotic or Opioid prescriptions during Walk-In
We Do Not complete Private Forms (Drivers Medical exams, Pre-op physicals form) during Walk-In

Please note, the Walk-In hours are subject to change. There are Provincial Restrictions on the number of patients a Physician can see in one day. The Walk-In may close early if the physician has reached this limit. Please call ahead to confirm the Walk-In hours.