What to Expect

Congratulations! You're pregnant. There is a lot to think about, but with the guidance of one of our physicians, you will feel a little less confused. As soon as you know you are pregnant, make an appointment ,and we can review when your due date will be, arrange an early ultrasound to confirm the due date, discuss vitamins, medications, diet and exercise. Your physician will also discuss where you would like to deliver based on where you live, your preference of caregiver (family physician, obstetrician, or midwife) and arrange transfer of your care to that person in the middle of your pregnancy (about 20 weeks).

Please come 10-15 minutes early for your appointments: this will give you a chance to give the nurse a urine sample and have her check your weight and blood pressure before the doctor sees you.

Then we will be seeing your regularly at two to four week intervals to check the baby and you and perform regular tests-below is an outline:

Weeks Pregnant Appointment Time What will be done
4-8 weeks 10-15 minutes Review due date, vitamins, medications, diet, book dating ultrasound, give lab req for blood type, etc.
8-11 weeks 20-30 minutes Complete history, review labs, ultrasound results, discuss genetic screening
11-13 weeks 10-15 minutes Complete physical, discuss where to delivery baby, fill out Best Beginnings form (for public heath follow up after baby is born)
13-20 weeks
(see every 4 weeks)
10-15 minutes Urine check, weight, BP, measure tummy, listen to baby's heartbeat, discuss any concerns
18-20 weeks Anatomy Ultrasound Check baby's size, location of placenta, cervix length, baby's anatomy (and if interested, gender)
20 weeks During 20 week visit Copy of pre-natal record given to you and sent to the hospital of delivery
24-28 weeks Diabetes in Pregnancy test Need to spend a few hours at the lab getting lab work in the morning
28-32 weeks Depression Screen Fill out questionnaire about your mood and review with your physician during the visit
35-37 weeks GBS swab (Group B Strep) Q-tip like swab inserted in vagina and bum to check for infection
37 weeks until delivery
(see every week)
10-15 minutes Urine check, BP, measure tummy, listen to baby's heartbeat, discuss any concerns, check cervix for dilatation